The Wand™

We have taken the fear, anxiety, and pain out of dental anesthetic injections. We know that some patients get more nervous than others at the mere sight of a needle and syringe. That is why our office now performs all anesthetic injections with a revolutionary system called The Wand. It doesn't look like a syringe. It doesn't feel like a syringe. Most importantly, it works better than a syringe.

The Wand is a computer controlled local anesthesia delivery system. It helps us provide a more effective anesthetic delivery. You will feel more comfortable throughout the procedure, and we may be able to use new techniques so you won't experience the lingering numbness of your tongue, lips, and face.

The Wand is one example of our efforts to bring you the latest dental technology and to help all of our patients have a pleasant, positive visit to our office. Feel free to ask us if you would like to know more about this remarkable new system.