What Is Causing My Tooth Pain?

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What Is Causing My Tooth Pain?

Find out why your tooth may be giving you so much grief.

A toothache is no joking matter. It’s amazing how much pain can come from something so small. Wondering why your tooth may be hurting? You must turn to our Decatur, IL, at The Gentle Art of Dentistry. Dr. Carol Cunningham is our Decatur Dentist.

You Could Have a Cavity

If you have a toothache then chances are fairly good that it's because of a cavity. In the beginning stages, you may not even know that you have a cavity; however, once the cavity is large enough to reach the nerves of the tooth this can cause a pretty nasty toothache. Even if the pain is minor at first, you should still visit your Decatur dentist right away. Waiting for the pain to go away will only make the issue worse.

You Have an Abscess

Did you know that sometimes food can get trapped between the teeth and gums? Every time you chew you continue to push that food deeper into the gums where you may not be able to floss or brush it away. Eventually, you may notice pain and gum inflammation as a pocket of infection forms within the gums. This is known as an abscess, and this infection needs to be treated right away to prevent it from spreading deeper into the gums or the bone.

You May Have a Broken Tooth

The reason your tooth hurts may be that it’s broken or cracked. This most commonly occurs if you’ve been eating something crunchy or hard. While some cracks or breaks can cause parts of the tooth to come off, sometimes if the break isn’t complete this leads to intense pain and tooth sensitivity. If you experience a toothache that gets worse when biting down or under pressure, you could have a damaged tooth in need of a crown at your Decatur dentist.

Gentle Art of Dentistry in Decatur, IL, is here to make sure that you have a dentist you can turn to whenever you are faced with a dental emergency. From toothaches to broken fillings, we can provide you with immediate care when it’s needed most. Call Dr. Carol Cunningham at (217) 422-7448.